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This is donkey Kong country 1 but more fully realized. Its Super Mario World but more creative and bold.Having to save Donkey Kong, the main character from the original game, was also a clever twist.

The pseudo-3d visuals gave it a unique and memorable look and ts It’s difficult yet fair platforming gameplay stood out enough to challenge Mario as the genre’s best. It’s environments were varied and the animal companions/bonus stages kept the game feeling fresh.

Even the little jingles you hear upon finishing a level or completing a secret room successfully are mini masterpieces. One group who will be particularly excited about the SNES Classic are connoisseurs of video game soundtracks, because the Super Nintendo was home to some of the very best. From Square’s legendary Nobuo Uematsu to Rare’s David Wise, composers from around the world drew beautiful, timeless scores out of the console’s unassuming S-SMP audio chip, developing melodies that many of us still hum to this day. Ahead of the SNES Classic’s release, here’s a look back at a few of our favorites.

  • Sound, graphics, gameplay, and polish – everything came together in this game from Konami.
  • Another game that has aged well, Super Castlevania IV is a masterpiece of form and makes one long for the days of classic 2D adventure games.
  • Super Castlevania IV was an upgrade to the Famicom-based Castlevania’s in every way.
  • To celebrate this classic console, I assembled a list of the console’s 10 greatest games.
  • Eerie atmosphere combined with an epic soundtrack kept players pushing forward through hordes of demons and enemies inspired by classic horror.

Later games in the franchise (particularly the GameCube’s “Double Dash!!”) have built on and perfected the “Mario Kart” formula, but the first title in the series still stands on its own. This in-universe mashup is the predecessor to everything that makes Nintendo great, from “Mario Party” to the “Smash Bros.” series. The gameplay, environments, music and visuals were all improvements on the original. Using 2 smaller and more agile characters made the game a lot more fast paced than DK country 1 and the game’s difficulty was just right. As in making you want to break your controller at times but then making you feel amazing that you beat the level.

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I love how the world’s in this game felt alive thanks to the visuals and sounds working so well together. You’re going to hear this a lot on this list, but the soundtrack is also very on-point.

Even listening to it now as we type these words transports us back to a scary place that we’re glad we conquered but never felt truly at peace. Rare’s Donkey Kong Country was most famous for its Silicon Graphics-influenced visual design, but beneath the technobabble was one of the finest platform games created outside Japan. Levels were well-paced, easy to read and addictive to master, and Donkey and Diddy were a lovable tag team.

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The composer, David Wise, is one of the Westerner composers I’d put on the same level as the industry’s iconic Japanese composers. When it was released in 1992, Mortal Kombat drew more attention for its over-the-top violence and gore than for its actual gameplay. Its sequel expanded even more on the bloodshed and dismemberment, but it also refined the combat significantly. Friendships and Babalities were introduced, beginning the series’ rapid slide into outright silliness, but there was a truly solid fighting game at ­its ­core. As players master their environment and the many abilities and resources Samus Aran gathers to her cause, the game itself becomes a less hostile place, but the soundtrack remains ever daunting.

Humans seem to have this knack for wanting to rank things, other people, and even themselves. So it should be no surprise then that SNES Hub would want to rank what Super Nintendo games are best.

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